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Ain't Nobody's Business If You Do is a book by Peter McWilliams. In this book he presents the history of legislation against victimless crimes. McWilliams presents a variety of arguments against the criminalization of victimless crimes.

The book is divided into five sections.

  • Part I gives a definition of victimless and consensual crime and outlines the difference between personal morality and government-imposed morality.
  • Part II presents arguments against the criminalization of victimless crimes.
  • Part III gives a closer look into some of the individual activities which the author classifies as consensual crimes, such as prostitution and marijuana use, but which the majority of criminologists would classify as victimless.
  • Part IV gives historical examples of the treatment of consensual and victimless crimes, such as Prohibition, and Biblical examples.
  • Part V advises readers on what to do to change the laws.

Throughout the book are approximately six hundred quotations by noted thinkers on both sides of his positions (primarily supporters).

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