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Initiative Constitutional Amendment and Statute

1005. (SA03RF0031, Amdt. #1-S). Elections. Primaries. Initiative Constitutional Amendment and Statute.

Proponents: Nick Tobey, Susan Riegel Harding, and George David Kieffer c/o Peter A. Bagatelos (415) 242-8830 and c/o Barry Fadem (925) 283-0581

Requires primary elections in which voters may vote for any state or federal candidate regardless of party registration. Exempts presidential nominations and elections of party central committees, in which only registered party members may vote unless party otherwise permits. Only the two primary-election candidates with most votes for an office, whether or not members of the same party, would be listed on general election ballot; however, candidate receiving majority vote in special primary election is elected. Requires party's consent to allow identification of candidates' party registration on ballot and other official election publications. Summary of estimate by Legislative Analyst and Director of Finance of fiscal impact on state and local governments: Measure would result in no significant net fiscal effect on state or local governments.

Libertarian Position[]

Libertarians oppose this proposition because it will exclude alternative parties from the general election, and make party affiliation much less important.

Opponents of Prop. 62 include:

  • The California Republican Party
  • The Californian Democratic Party
  • The California Liberterian Party
  • The Green Party of California
  • The California Peace and Freedom Party
  • American Independant Party of California

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